Friday, July 30, 2010


rasa sunyi..jauh dari semua..
kesunyian buat lebih tabah..
makin dekat dengan Allah..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

..taman negara..

date : 16 - 18 july 2010
venue : taman negara selai, endau-rompin

this year, there are lots of things happen in my life. so, on my birthday i'd decided to escape from the 'world'. went for a trip to taman negara selai, endau-rompin. 
the journey took us approximately 2 1/2 hours from Melaka to the registration office. 

From there, we were divided into small group of 10, to continue our journey with 4x4, but i rather called it as a pickup. The journey took another hour before we reached our camp site. 

On the first day, the camp commander, Mr Ismail gave us a short brief on the activities that we gonna do for the whole 3 days. 

Day 1
After set up our tents, we took some picture near the stream. It was really nice, to back to basic. Then, our activity began with "water confident". We were informed that the one that we used to call as 'life jacket' is actually a BA. (sorry guys, i cant remember BA stand for what..Bantu Apungan kot. hahaha).

I was a bit mad with one of the participant. Really annoying! Dar...if you do not want to join the activity, you should not come at the first place, right?! Boring!!!!

After that, we had our dinner. Yummy..

At night - we are given into 4 groups. Baung/Harimau (or HALI2MAU)/Singa/RAJAWALI which is my group. We played a few games. Everybody acting like a school girl/boy.

Day 2
Early in the morning, after Suboh Sholats, a short 'tazkirah', morning exercise and breakfast, we prepared ourselves for jungle trekking. 

The hiking is really tough!! Sweating like hell.  We have to hike, 45 - 50 degrees for almost 45minutes!!!

At last, we reached at the point. Taking few pictures and enjoying the cold water!! Really great and the cool water cured our pain in a blink!

When we reached our camp site, we got to know that 3 of our members were missing in action!!Freaking..!! The ranger failed to locate them. We set up a team of 15men to find them.

While the searching took place, me with few others tried "water tubing". Enjoyed the activity but it hurts my

Around 5pm, the rescue team manage to find all 3 of the missing man. Thanks to Allah for his guidance and mercy! 

Opps, forgot to mention, we manage to get a sacks of durian!!eating durian like hell. enjoy..

At night, each team have to make a presentation. Laugh and laugh! Lots of laughter!!

Day 3 (its my birthday)
Singing our nation song Negaraku, aerobic, poco-poco and stretching. Then, the best part!! 'main air ler'..
The deep cool water is really really GREAT. We swam, played water polo, took picture, bla..bla..bla..

At the closing ceremony, I have to give a short speech. (what?!!) Then, for my suprise, I was crowned as the best woman participant..And the prize was ...

It was my first experience, outing with the other fellow friends from JPM. Hope, there will be another trip. Enjoy!!!
  goodbye SELAI!! had a great time..on MY BIRTHDAY.. xox

Thursday, July 15, 2010

..arabian nite..

selama nie aku selalu berkata-kata di dalam hati bahawa PUSPANITA hanya untuk kaum WANITA dewasa sahaja. Nampaknya aku pun dah mula nak menjebakkan diri dalam dunia PUSPANITA ini.

Date : 12.07.2010
Time : 8.30pm - 12.00am
Venue : Dewan Seri Negeri
Theme : Arabian Night


                                             ..wanita berpakaian arab..

                                          ..nasi arab..

                                           ..tetamu terhormat..

..wanita sempoi..

                                                 ..wanita SUK..

..meja 57 yang tak berapa nak bertuah..
                                           ..wakil jabatan pelajaran..

                                          ..with yatZ..

secara total, dari 10bintang aku bagi erm..4.5* je la kot. banyak ruang yang masih boleh dibaiki!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 pre-birthday celebration..

last saturday (10/07/2010), me and my buddies (syifaak and a'a) had a very very great day.
the day started a bit late since KL (as usually) will be congested on that particular day, every week through out the year.
as promised, a'a came to fetch me around 12 (she's supposed to come at 11.30..!).
the heavy traffic and a'a's new driving attitude caused us to reach SS19 (Mr Ahmad Zohri's house) at 1pm.
We met Fafan and baby Imran. Fafan is so adorable. He's cute yet clever to talk.

Then we shot to Sg Buloh to attend a wedding ceremony of our schoolmate (Mazlina a.k.a Mapet) with her partner (Mr Syed). The journey caused us about one hour due to some technical problem. (hahaha..)
There, (as usual) we had a great day meeting with the other SEMESTArian with their partners and babies.


We chit chatting for a while since everybody have other agenda, ate the 'nasi kenduri' and cendol. 
Took few pictures before we continued our journey to the Curve, Damansara. To be exact; The RedBox.
Dania had her first karaoke experience. Singing (lip singing) and dancing without wearing her shoes in the karaoke room. Kahkahkah. Zaid contributed his voice for several songs and he was very supportive towards her wife (hehehe..sharmine sang few songs by 'PAKSARELA'). Very great couple with their adorable Dania.
Me and buddies, singing like h**l, from dangdut to rock to pop + dancing in the room.

After Maghrib prayers, we cam whoring around the curve, trying syifaak's new gadget. COOL..! Window shopping, from one boutique to another without buying anything. (yeah, that is the purpose of window shopping right? trying, without buying..hahaha)
it was raining that nite. I was a bit frustrated because we cant continue our window shopping at the bazaar.
Next stop (everyone is hungry at this point), Bubba Gum for dinner.

The food is really great. Two thumbs UP...! we had .. i cant remember. Sorry! Really enjoyed the food.

Thanks A'a for the dinner.
To A'a n Syifaak.. thank you for the sweet moment! Love you!!! xox ..
'erin emariza'

Friday, July 9, 2010

..penulis sepi..

menulis bukan sekadar bahasa
menulis bukan untuk mengata
menulis bukan mainan kata-kata
menulis adalah luahan rasa.
penulis bukan hanya pandai bermain pena
tidak juga manis bila berbicara
penulis mencoret luahan rasa
melakar kata-kata jiwa
yang tak dapat diterjemah dengan tutur kata

happy bday YAT/LYDZAR

aku nak wish dua orang sahabat aku yang lahir pada bulan ini..
Haniati Hasan  6/7/1982 dan Nurliza Rusman 9/7/1982
Moga persahabatan kita akan berkekalan selamanya

opps..untuk yg lain2 yang turut berkongsi ulangtahun kelahiran pada bulan ini;
dua, onie, kak fidaz, kak una, alya, pojie, awien, sape lagi yea..HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
kalo aku tak ingat tue sory la yea... dah berjauhan nie banyak yang lupa! 

happy birthday la yea .. moga senantiasa dalam rahmat ALLAH!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

..makan2 di ALAI..

melaka memang terkenal dengan SEAFOOD.
bukan setakat UMBAI, ada gak beberapa tempat lain.
housemate aku suka g makan kat ALAI.
tapi aku still suka makan kat gerai no. 7&8 kat Umbai.

ni ada few picture waktu aku ngan housematas (mas.bib.izan) g makan2 dekat ALAI..

                                           izan gembira..mas serius memilih ikan..

                                          sambil memilih ikan..sambil ketawa..mas, bib & izan                                         

                                           ikan yang telah dibelah..di goreng dan dimasak 3 rasa

                                          ketam yang digoreng ranggup...

                                          nasi lemak daun pisang.. RM1 jek

                                          izan gembira dapat makan sotong tepung yg enak..

                                           ikan stim..kecewa..!yg kat umbai lagi sedap!!!

pape pun, aku lagi suka makan kat UMBAI.. n kalo bila MOQ dtg mmg aku akan bawak g makan kat UMBAI..bila nk dtg lagi MOQ..yat, kite pun dah lama tak g umbai,kn? before pose, kite pekena ikan stim di UMBAI...i like...!